1. Lux Viridis
    Kyiv, Ukraine
  2. Darken Wood
    Saint Charles, Missouri
  3. Last Redoubt
    Kent, Washington
  4. Snarling Clearing
    Chicago, Illinois
  5. Dryads
    Mexico City, Mexico
  6. Secluded Alchemist
    Louisville, Kentucky
  7. Pendragon
  8. Thoth
  9. Chronicles of Jest
  10. Bitter Old Wizard
    Midland City, Alabama
  11. Mistveil
    Arvada, Colorado
  12. Silencio Permanente
    Bergen, Norway
  13. Cascadian Lightfall
    Kent, Washington
  14. Saturne
    Lyon, France
  15. Whispering Mirrors
    Sacramento, California


Ancient Meadow Records Grand Rivers, Kentucky

Dungeon synth record label in the U.S. ancientmeadow.com

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